About Daranisuke

As for Daranisuke about 1300 years ago, En no Gyoja who was training in Omine mountain peeled the skin of Ohbaku (the bark of a tree) and let people drink as decoctions and rescued them from the plague. 陀羅尼助原料

It is traditionally said that the villagers were informed of the manufacturing method of Daranisuke from En no Gyoja at Dorogawa, the village of the descendant of Goki who served for En no Gyoja.

It is said that it spread to the people as a gastrointestinal medicine in the Edo period, and Daranisuke is still being used by people all over the country today.

*En no Gyoja- a semi-legendary holy man noted for his practice of mountain aseticism during the second half of the 7th century.
*Dorogawa- current Dorogawa Tenkawa village Yoshinogun, Nara prefecture