Daranisuke is a bitter taste medicine which is made of Ohbaku (the bark of a tree) nurtured in cold water of Omine Mountain as the main raw material, also added Gengenow Shoeko and Zedozu etc.


Lack of appetite,bloated feeling in the stomach,indigestion,dyspepsia,overeating,excessive drinking,heartburn,heavy feeling in the stomach,stomach upset, hangover, sickness,nausea,vomiting,

bowel intestine (prepare bowel movements) , loose stools · constipation

Dose (each time)

■ Adult (15 years old and over) / 30 pills
■ 11 years old and under 15 years old / 20 pills
■ 8 years old and under 11 years old / 15 pills
■ 5 years old and under 8 years old / 10 pills


Please take it before meals or between meals three times a day

Ingredients (contained in one day's dose of 90 pills)

■ Phellodendron amurense extract 1,000mg(as herbal medicine)
■ Zedoary powder 500mg
■ Geranium thunbergii powder 1,500mg


  1. Please keep out of reach of children
  2. Please read the package insert carefully
  3. Please avoid direct sunlight, and store at a cool place with low humidity.